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Beauty Review! Lakme invisible finish Foundation!

Hey Guys! Just in for another quick review of this foundation, I bought recently…Actually, I didn’t plan on this one… I just thought that this colour matches my skin tone the most at the store but I  got a better offer on Amazon ( I got shade 02)… Tbh this is the first foundation I don’t have to mix with other colours to match my skin .. :P.. every time its either too dark or too light… and Fenty beauty isn’t here yet … 😦 Continue reading “Beauty Review! Lakme invisible finish Foundation!”


Hey, beautiful souls! So today I am going to talk about a very common topic, dry brushing because I just cannot leave some things unsaid about this skin routine… 🙂

Always choose a natural bristle brush over a nylon one… the later does more harm than good

There is honestly so much hype about this thing on the internet that I had to try it for myself. There is a lot of stuff true about this process but there are rules and some compulsory aftercare for this one. I will just put down the most basic facts that you should know before you start dry brushing your skin below: Continue reading “DRYBRUSHING FACTS!”


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“Go Green”DIY for Plant Lovers

hey hey hey

its been long…. been a busy year💼 👓 . Any how lets jump right in .. Into the jungle. Some simple ideas to bring some greenery back !

1 ) Teacup succulents      ☕️

You would need Someplant

  • Extra Large Tea/Coffee cups
  • Succulents / Cactus plants
  • Garden soil
  • Pebbles for decoration

I don’t think it wound need any explanation ! just buy some Small Succulents / Cactus and put then into Any kind of Cups of your liking ! They wont need much water and would survive indoors. Can be used as table top decorations. Go on  now ,get that CUP !

pic Courtesy :

2 ) Bookshelf gardens   📙

Well you can use a bookshelf for planting small herbs or succulents. they would look nice on a Patio or in a well lit roof top.eba38c4f88b042593efbe479250f1a17

You would need :

  • Old bookshelf / buy a cheap one !
  • Good grade plastic
  • garden soil
  • Some Creativity for designing !

Just use an old bookshelf and pin down good quality polythene for the soil. Plant small herbs and water as required.

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